Barcelona Opera Reopens With An Audience Of Plants

I love this story from NPR. Plants are such good listeners. I talk to mine all the time and they often respond, though not as enthusiastically as Pearl, our Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, the concert coverage did not include interviews with the plants and their general reaction to the music. I know from experience that plants can be both encouraging and critical in their analysis of human actions. But they appreciate music more than most of our noisy clatter. In times like these, the plants’ Top Ten might be the music we need.

My wife’s reaction to the story was more practical: what if all the plants had to empty their pots at once during intermission? But I believe most plants would rather bask in the fluorescent overhead lights and let the concession staff–butterflies and hummingbirds–bring them selections of pollen and rainwater.

The Barcelona Opera performed in honor of health care providers. On the behalf of the plants and all of us, I pass my appreciation to the honorees and the musicians.

Sentient plants and birds are among my favorite writing subjects. You can find several examples in my poetry collection, The Poet’s Garage

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