Benefit Reading for Shade Literary Arts and Authors

On Friday June 5th, at 4pm PST, I will participate in an online benefit reading for Shade Literary Arts.

Joan Gelfand, Neil Perry Gordon, Anlor Davin, and Hari Lamba will also read, and I am honored to be included with these fine writers.

Details of the event are summarized below and more information is posted on the eventbrite link. Please note that you do not have to donate to watch the reading.

Description of virtual benefit readings for Shade Literary’s emergency fund for queer writers of color

First of all, Authors, Large and Small and Shade Literary acknowledge the injustice of wrongful law enforcement killings of Black people. We support Black Lives Matter and see and hear the affected communities.

Shade Literary Arts and Authors, Large and Small Literary Publicity are coming together to host virtual benefit readings for Shade Literary’s emergency fund for queer writers of color struggling due to coronavirus. The fund distributes small direct grants, usually of a few hundred dollars each, to as many individual applicants as possible.

These events are pay-what-you-can – no one turned away, but please give as much as you can because your help directly impacts people’s lives. These events take place Friday June 5th, Friday June 12th, and Friday June 19th, all at 4pm to 5:00 pm PST and will be recorded so ticket-holders can listen later.

Here’s the lineup for the third event, Friday June 5th, at 4pm PST

Joan Gelfand (novelist, poet and filmmaker, will read ecological poetry about the Pacific Northwest)

Terry Tierney (poet, speaker, scholar of Victorian literature, will read from his latest book A Poet’s Garage)

Neil Perry Gordon (historical fiction writer, will read from Hope City, about 1890s Alaskan pioneers)

Anlor Davin (tennis star, classroom teacher, Zen meditation leader, will read from her memoir Being Seen, about life with an autism diagnosis)

Hari Lamba (engineer and environmental activist, will read from his new book Brighter Climate Futures in honor of World Environment Day)

The Poet’s Garage Pod

Just for fun and to celebrate the launch of my poetry collection, The Poet’s Garage, from Unsolicited Press, here’s a brief podcast of the title poem.

Based on a true story, the poem tells how we learned there was another Terry Tierney, a suspected felon, living in Lincoln, Nebraska when we moved there. My arrival aroused several official computers. The police and the social services department thought I lied about my quiet life as a graduate student supported by my tolerant, librarian wife.

Ironically, when I wasn’t distracted by writing poetry in Lincoln, I was working on my dissertation about William Makepeace Thackeray and his various protagonists as doubles of himself. Those doubles have much less contrast with one another than me and my apparent double.

The cover of The Poet’s Garage depicts the poem, complete with pools of grease where lines have spilled, the cardboard box of active verbs, and the files of proper nouns. As in the poem, the poet has eluded arrest, so far.

Reading the Poet’s Garage

The Poet’s Garage is available from Unsolicited Press, Powell’s, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other retailers. You can also support your local bookstore by searching for them on Indiebound.

The Poet’s Garage Workbench: Poetry Relief

Concerned about the global shortage of fresh metaphors and irony, I was relieved to get an email from Facebook informing me I might be eligible for economic assistance from the SBA as the manager of The Poet’s Garage, my upcoming poetry collection. Just in time for its launch from Unsolicited Press.

More importantly, I hope the government will open its vast emergency stockpile of rhetorical and stylistic devices. Ever wonder why you never find synecdoches or charactonymns in the wild anymore?

But before you go searching on your own, practice good hygiene and immunize yourself against clichés by reading a poetry book. This is the best way to protect yourself and support literary recovery.