Returned home to find Stories Through the Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2021 with my story “Riding Shotgun”

Nice to find a copy of this excellent anthology in the mail. The story is adapted from a scene in my upcoming novel Lucky Ride. The image captures the first two pages.

Thank you to Living Springs Publishers!

Here is the publisher’s introduction:

Author Terry Tierney has written an excellent tale of a hitchhiker and his journey through Texas. A recent Vietnam era veteran, Flash, sets off on a cross-country hitchhiking trip to escape his unraveling marriage. In Fort Worth a Texas Ranger orders him into his patrol car at gunpoint, and Flash fears arrest or worse with an ounce of weed rolled into his sleeping bag.

Read more about Lucky Ride, which will be published 12/31/2021 by Unsolicited Press: Lucky Ride

Preorder a copy of Lucky Ride:

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