New Flash Fiction Story, “Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No),” in Prose Online

rain drops

Many thanks to the Prose Online editors for publishing my story about rain and desire at a Rolling Stones concert in Philadelphia.

I recalled that fateful weekend last March when I attended the AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs) Conference. My recent trip to Philadelphia was much more enjoyable.

“Escape” new story in Flash Fiction Magazine

Grateful to Flash Fiction Magazine for publishing my flash fiction story. Although the story is inspired in part by my father-in-law’s history, the scene and characters are pure fiction.

“Ink dries like scabs on his fingertips, sticky on the wheel of his Dodge pickup. He shifts it like a Mustang, winding out the clutch with each gear until the engine screams the next octave. His elation accelerates with the pickup until both are moving too fast for the gravel road. But he knows there’s still time to turn around….”