How to Write Punchy Dialogue Workshop

I love reading fiction with crisp dialogue, and I’m excited to lead this workshop!

Dialogue makes a story come alive, and in the best fiction, what characters say is often what we remember most. Writing dialogue is more than recording the casual comments your characters might share. Through their words characters reveal their emotions and move the story forward.

To be effective, dialogue should be well honed and carry the impact of poetry or drama, while still feeling realistic to the reader.

This workshop will focus on methods of writing dialogue that will both engage and enlighten.

You can find more information about the workshop HERE.

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The Bridge on Beer River is available for preorder!

Unsolicited Press has announced the preorder availability of my new novel, The Bridge on Beer River, which will be released July 11, 2023.

You can order the book from the publisher or your favorite bookseller, including

Sample some of the stories in The Bridge on Beer River HERE.

I wrote the first story forty years ago during my days in graduate school, and I continued to enjoy visits from Curt and other characters until they began to clamor for their own book. Please join me in launching them on their way.

Cover reveal: The Bridge on Beer River

Thank you to the design team at Unsolicited Press! My new novel will drop 7/11/23, and it’s beginning to feel almost real.

Here is a brief synopsis of The Bridge on Beer River:

A rust belt city in decline retains the solace of romance, which often proves to be an empty promise or even a curse. With a wry perspective and unflappable determination, Curt embodies all the town’s ills, including his own problems with drinking, work, and relationships, as he tries to save himself and rescue his friends in his own unconventional and unlawful ways. In The Bridge on Beer River, a novel-in-stories set in Reagan-era Binghamton, New York, characters scramble for subsistence while hoping for love and a better life.

I will be posting more information in the coming months, but you can read some of the stories from the novel that have appeared in literary magazines HERE.