Setting up my website–some notes that might be helpful to others

My website was surprisingly easy to set up in WordPress. I found some excellent “how to” instructions from Jane Friedman on the web, and WordPress has a number of free templates that already have built in menus and pages. I chose “Penscratch 2” because I liked the clean look. I bought a WordPress plan because it includes hosting, which for me is much easier than self-hosting, and there are no ads and plenty of storage. I have a premium plan (about $96/year), but a personal plan (about $48/year) would probably work just as well for me.

Here are the how-to links I mentioned:

The Friedman articles have other useful links.

There are many options for website design, tools and hosting, of course, but this approach worked for me.

“Sack the Quarterback” story in SPANK the CARP

Curt’s old flame Debby shows up after a night of drinking with a fiance who looks like Joe Namath. He and Curt hate one another at first sight.

The journal editor wrote: “I’m not a big fan of slice of life type fiction, or football, but Terry Tierney’s ‘Sack the Quarterback‘ was so compelling and well written I had to share it.​”